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Why Business needs a Video production company

‘Play’ Button Is The Most Compelling Call-To-Action On The Web Right Now

If you have any sought of business then somewhere in the back of your head, or top, you’re marinating the idea of growing it. Even if your product is the best, you’ll never be able to grow it without right marketing. There are two categories in this, Paid & Organic marketing. One feels like a “hey I have a cool product you should try” and the latter “hey, I have cool product you don’t wanna miss”. They both are equally important but we all can agree that organic reaches the heart of your costumer. His decisions are now much more personal and his loyalty lies in your product.

Established brands are regularly competing for organic reach. Connecting with their costumers one way or the other. But with a lot people making more and more content everyday our attention to “pay attention" has gone down drastically.


“I give you 10 seconds and at 8 I’ve already made my mind”

Now if you’re thinking, “what can I do in 8 seconds so my product is not forgotten?” …..

I mean nothing against books but it took people 6 months to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and only one night to watch it. And both groups were equally satisfied.”

Visual Communication is flagged at the top. And Video Content has constantly reminded us of its power. In case you haven’t noticed it but most of our buying decisions have been influenced by watching some sought of video. Video Content is not only the fastest but it's also the most honest way to communicate. That’s why people find it very engaging. Video Marketing is not an option anymore it has become a necessiti. Good thing that creating videos is easy as pressing the record button on your cell phone! But along with that ease comes a raised bar of “good content”. To create Good Video Content a brand needs solid research of their product and trusted professionals video production to efficiently execute those 8 seconds, else the video will be lost in the pile of trillion others.

How 9/1 Studios can help you

9/1 Studios is a ideo Production Company in Mumbai designed to target your highly specific business goals with our video production services. We provide Original and Coherent Video Services to connect your brand with its audience. Our methodical approach to creating video content is practiced and perfected over the years to create stunning videos at best price. From idea to execution, you can be assured of a hassle-free execution with minimum risk involved.

Video Production is combined effort of its three pillars.Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. Each stage is highly dependent on the other. Without pre-production the shoot will look like a bad birthday video. And without proper shoot nothing extraordinary can happen in Post. It’s important for video agencies and companies to understand this and approach this process in a methodical way. At 9/1 Studios we have talented collaborators in every department. Passionate Professionals, putting their heads together to create Fresh new video content every day and serving the Mumbai area as the best video production company.

Our Video Production Services

Each industry has a unique set of challenges, which is important to understand while creating visual communication for your brand. Our Video production services are heavily based on research and no guess work which helps us take logical and artistic choices at every step.

Our Video Production services are spread across various industries, few of them are mentioned below

1.) NGO Documentaries

3.) Social Media Videos

4.) Real Estate Video

5.) Brand Videos

6.) Product Videos

7.) Gym & Fitness Videos

Our Video Production Process

What full planned video production looks like at 9/1 Studios.

Pre-Production - We start with identifying your Goals!

This is where you give us a rough picture of your video. Commonly known as the "Brief". Our strategists will closely work with you to identify your goals and what you'd like to communicate as a brand and you will get a depth idea of the Video Production.

Once we have a clear picture of the final outcome, we start with our research, research and some more research. For thousand different ideas we aim to shoot for the one i.e., unique to your brand and targets your highly specific business goals.

After deciding the Idea, we start writing the video script. A document containing a roadmap of how the story will unfold in the final video. A well-articulated video script is the key to creating great video content.

From where, when, why and who to shoot to script breakdown, preparing video shot lists, so there is nothing left to chance. Avoiding all uncertainties and lead you to a successful outcome.

Video Production - We shoot!!… With Lights, Camera and Mic

After Pre-Production we a very clear idea of what we are going to capture. Everything is been taken care of, location, actors, props, camera crew, makeup, lights, down to the smallest details. So, our only focus is on capturing the most accurate representation of the script.

Visual communication is more than just point and shoot. It's a language of motion pictures combined with strategic research used to tell a story.

Our principal belief is show, don't tell and it guides us in simplifying our approach and telling your story in the most concise and effective way. Our highly talented video production team will be in charge of capturing stunning visuals that aesthetically aligns with your branding and is unique to its purpose.

We'll be responsible for the entire production. So, you can be involved as much as you want without the worry of missing out on anything.

Post-Production - This is where the Magic happens! It’s also the final of video production.

From, Video Editing, Color Grading, Sound Designing, Motion Graphics to creating multiple drafts to further tweak and exceed your expectations, our high skilled post-Production team will be responsible for turning your vision into a tangible product. We take special care to make the creation process a collaborative and enjoyable experience.

Pipeline in Post-Production

Video Editing - Once we have all the footages; our editors will begin organising them. This can take anywhere from a couple hours to several days, depending on the number and length of footages they have to go through. Once the organising is complete our editors then will reference the brief and start editing the video by our professional video production team. This process not only includes picture and sound design but also Text Designing, Animation and Motion Graphics.

FEEDBACK - After the completion of the First Draft, we will upload the video on Vimeo/YouTube as private where you can provide us with your feedback. After all the required revisions we lock the Edit and proceed to

Colour Correction - This is where we ensure the colour uniformity of each shot. No matter how well we shoot in the camera there is always room for further improvement. Each shot is Colour Graded accordingly to reach its highest quality in the final video

Export - Every platform has different guidelines to upload video content, we ensure to follow all these guidelines and export the Final Output in all the required formats and resolutions so there is not restriction to maximum viewing experience.

So now all you have to do is click Share!

Video Production Company in Mumbai that provides original and coherent video solutions to target your highly specific business goals. If you are excited to create Video Content for your brand, at affordable cost, then give us shout. We are always looking out for new opportunities and exciting projects.


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