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10 types of marketing videos to promote your brand

What is my brand? Do my customers know my brand? What will capture their attention best? If these questions are on your mind, you have already taken the first step towards growing your business by generating brand awareness and overhauling your brand image. You need fast-paced, fun, and entertaining stuff! That’s exactly what you need to provide to your customers to grab their full attention, and videos work like a charm.

Is this straightforward? You get an idea, you shoot it, and that’s it. Well, in practice, it’s a lot more complicated than that. We all have seen a poorly designed video vs a well-thought-out and executed vision. Everyone can notice the difference between a well-lit, well sounded, and well thought out video and a shoddy, poorly produced scraped together attempt.

Videos tell your brand story and help existing and new customers connect with your brand. Sometimes posting a simple Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok videos just doesn’t do the job. In order to connect with your audience and showcase your brand, you need a professional video production studio to help you create a video that tells your brand story to your current and future audience.

Videos production helps you capture the attention of your audience members longer and more thoroughly than any other advertising medium. Producing professional-quality video is essential not only because you can promote your business in a more dynamic way, but you can leverage your brand in places where still images and text cannot go—like a YouTube commercial block, for example.

All this is not easy but the final video production product is totally worth it.

There are 10 different types of videos you can choose from based on your needs:

1. The spot

2. The explainer

3. The product demonstration

4. The company culture video

5. The behind-the-scenes video

6. The customer testimonial video

7. The employee portrait video

8. The web series

9. The branded mini-documentary

10. The branded short film

The spot

This is the 10 or 30-second elevator speech in a video. This video provides all the necessary information about your business and brand in a short video clip and the intent is to distribute this video to the masses. This video can be shared on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. Chances are you’re probably going to be sharing and boosting your video on social media, rather than launching a cable TV commercial. The key is to make it immediately engaging and to concisely tell your story within a relatively short runtime. This is the most common type of video and is here to stay!

The explainer

Is it hard to explain what your business does? Not to worry, “the explainer” is the type of video service is for you. The video production studio will help you capture videos while you are in action at your business and create a video that explains what you offer and how you can help your customers.

Usually, the video will have time-lapses of illustrations, a live-action recording, or any other visual way of telling your story that is equally appropriate.

The product demonstration

In this video production type, you are showcasing what your product can do, its features, and why it is better than the competitor. Get creative with product videos! This is where a production studio can help you. The scriptwriter can help create a narrative that enhances the product and help you get the word out to your target audience.

The company culture video

You are more than the product you make. You are a family and your ethos is successful because you have a culture that is embedded in your roots. The purpose of this video is to showcase the culture that has made you successful.

This type of video production will also help you attract new talent. Today’s youth is attracted not only to a job but also to the culture of the organization. A cultural video will help them understand what values you have as a business and if they align with their personal beliefs.

The behind-the-scenes video

Is the process of making your product so mesmerizing that people cannot look away? If yes, this type of video is for you. The video production studio can help you capture the craftsmanship behind the actual product. The more customers get involved with your brand the more they can relate to it, this will help create brand loyalty!

The customer testimonial video

What better way than asking a customer how they feel about the business and the product. When potential customers will see how excited your customers are, it will definitely pick their interest. Have an existing customer on camera rave about how much they swear by your product or service. And of course, including your best customers is the perfect way to show how much you appreciate them!

The employee portrait video

Headshot and a bio vs video of each employee telling their story. Which one will you pick? We believe a video is a perfect way to capture interest. You can connect with your audience at an emotional level. These video services express the heart and soul of your company by showing that the “people on top” aren’t just there to make money.

This is particularly beneficial for small businesses rooted in small communities that are looking to engage more deeply with their community or expand outside of it.

The web series

Think of these as short, script videos that take place in or revolve around your business and brand. The runtime for each series video should be very short so your social media followers will stick around to watch your new masterpieces. Also, the content is serialized (whether it’s a continuous story or a series of one-off episodes is up to you).

The series can be of a newspaper delivery boy, a car repair shop worker shenanigans, or a videographer at work!

The branded mini-documentary

What happens when “Behind the Scenes Video” and “Company Culture Video” get married? A Star is born – “The branded mini-documentary”. A short documentary shows your business over a period of time with an in-depth look at the people, talent, and operations that go into it.

Remember, this is a film, not just any “video production.” Setup Premier screening and then blast it online for everyone to see!

The branded short film

Did you know a short film with a storyline, characters with a plot twist can be a very creative form of advertisement? Many commercial makers are working towards making movies. Give them an opportunity to create a short film for your business and even you can have a Red-Carpet Movie Premier!

So, let’s write the script, cast actors, roll camera, and action!

No matter what you’re trying to achieve—whether it’s promoting a product, sharing your vision, or connecting with customers—high-quality, professional video production content can do it all. Let’s connect and see how 9by1studios can help you achieve your vision.


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